Wanderbay 2023 - Logo 2 black cropped



As we embark on our third adventure together, Wanderbay invites us on a captivating journey that transcends the ebb and flow of life.

Join the annual gathering as we return to the dance floor, delighting in the carefully curated sonic soundscape that resonates through the crowd. On New Year’s Eve, rhythms sourced from far and wide will coalesce into celebration as another chapter draws to a close, and we welcome the dawn of a new year. Wanderers travel from far and wide to the effervescent shorelines of Plettenberg Bay to celebrate, and this year we will once again meet under the dazzling lights.

Heed the call and let the tides draw you into a New Year’s revelry like no other. 

Hotboxed Collab

This year, we’re again collaborating with our beloved friends at Hotboxed, who will be hosting their stage with their uniquely curated lineup.

“Hotboxed, a collective driven by creativity and passion, invites you to a sacred escape on our playground curated within all sound spheres. This exploration goes beyond song and dance as we push you toward human connectedness. A youthful sense of freedom is amplified by some of South Africa’s best artists. 

Stay healthy, stay hydrated.” – Hotboxed CG